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EMIS-2017: European MSM Internet Survey

Duration: August 2016 - December 2019

Sigma @ LSHTM and a range of partners has been funded as part of the European Commission Health Programme 2014-2020 to deliver evidence about the sexual health of gay men, bisexual men and other MSM across Europe. Called ESTICOM (European Surveys and Trainings to Improve MSM Community Health) the partnership will deliver on three inter-linked projects over three years from August 2016 to August 2019.

The 3 main projects are:

  1. A pan-European online survey of MSM that will be known as EMIS 2017.
  2. A pan-European online survey about knowledge, attitudes, practices and training needs of community health workers (CHW) who provide health-related services and support for MSM in EU countries (European Community Health Worker Online Survey – ECHOES).
  3. Development and piloting of a training programme for MSM-focused community health workers intended to be adaptable for all EU countries.

EMIS 2017 is being coordinated by Sigma Research at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) in association with the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) in Berlin.

The overall aim of the survey is to generate data useful for the planning of HIV and STI prevention and care programmes and the monitoring of national progress in this area (by comparing with the results of previous surveys), by describing the level and distribution of HIV transmission risk and precautionary behaviours, related HIV prevention needs, and by assessing self-reported STI testing behaviours, testing performance, and various STI diagnoses, including viral hepatitis. At a country level, the MSM survey will generate data for understanding the needs of populations and directing prevention programmes. At the international level, patterns of policy, service and cultural responses can be examined for their impact on epidemic spread and containment, providing knowledge beyond the grasp of any one country. The survey is preceded and informed by a review of what is known about the prevalence and incidence of HIV and STIs including viral hepatitis (B/C), what is known about the risk and precautionary behaviours of gay men, bisexual men and other MSM with regard to HIV and other STIs, and a policy and practice mapping exercise considering the likely barriers (legal, structural, provider and individual) for the effective implementation of prevention, diagnosis and treatment interventions targeting MSM.

The EMIS 2017 survey launched in mid-October 2017 and ran for 14 weeks, to 31 January 2018. It recruited 144,200 respondents in total, including 138,000 MSM in our 50 target countries. The online survey was live in 33 languages simultaneously.

Key contact for Sigma: Axel J. Schmidt

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