Sigma Research

Youth Leadership and Participation - ASK programme evaluation 2015

Duration: June 2015 - February 2016

Sigma worked with the Global Network of People Living with HIV (GNP+) and STOP AIDS NOW! to evaluate their work in Uganda and Kenya to improve youth-led advocacy for the sexual and reproductive health rights of young people with diagnosed HIV.

We asked key stakeholders and project providers involved in the The Youth Leadership and Participation (YL&P) in Uganda and Kenya to complete an evaluation questionnaire. It was the key mechanism for undertaking a summary and process evaluation of youth-led advocacy activities carried out in Kenya and Uganda as part of the wider ASK (Access, Services and Knowledge) programme developed by the Dutch Youth Empowerment Alliance. The YL&P program in Kenya and Uganda focused on young people living with HIV (YPLHIV).

The aims of the questionnaire were to explore:

  • how evidence collected at the outset of the programme (through Positive Health Dignity and Prevention (PHDP) operational research) was incorporated into planning and delivery of YL&P advocacy activities;
  • how intra- and inter-partnership decisions and communications were undertaken along the way;
  • key successes and challenges; and
  • how roles, responsibilities and expectations should be configured for similar work in the future.

The findings described in the evaluation report include: commitment to partnership working and improved communication; a need for improved programme management that better connects members at the top and bottom of the partnership structure; an improvement in the capacity of young advocates to demand change; as well as a range of other key outcomes and lessons learnt.

Key contact for Sigma: Catherine Dodds