Sigma Research

Human Rights Count! pilots in Kenya and Nepal

Duration: September 2015 - January 2016

Sigma Research supported the Global Network of People with HIV (GNP+) to adapt one of its evidence gathering tools - Human Rights Count! - to support key populations living with HIV to document human rights violations, and to use the information gathered to guide advocacy campaigns. Pilotted in Nepal and Kenya, the project’s aim was to build local capacity through national networks of people living with HIV to gather evidence of human rights violations. It follows past work in this area to advocate for a reduction in the number of HIV-related human rights violations against people living with HIV and their families, and to improve the way that such violations are addressed when they occur.

Sigma Research worked with GNP+ in response to consultation with key stakeholders to ensure that Human Rights Count held a participatory focus on key populations, devising mechanisms that captured individuals’ complex and often traumatic experiences through a qualitative approach. Learning from previous Human Rights Count studies, we designed an interview topic guide and a method using an interviewer and a note-taker which aimed to consistently ensuring the capture of high quality qualitative data. The topic guide was designed in a way that enabled individual countries to determine their own advocacy priorities in advance, and to focus on just one or two themes in the course of each interview. This approach was sucessfully piloted in Nepal and in Kenya, and it is the intention of GNP+ to support other national networks of people living with HIV to adapt this approach and these tools for their own use.

Alongside the interview topic guide GNP+ and Sigma Research developed a series of guidance tools to support data collectors and key stakeholders, and Sigma provided a full day of community based research training for the data collectors in each country. The objectives of the training were not only to develop a pool of data collectors, but also strengthen the skills of community activists.

The final report from the work undertaken to document human rights violations against sex workers living with HIV in Kenya can be downloaded here

The final report from the work undertaken to document human rights violations against people with HIV who inject drugs living in Nepal can be dowwnloaded here.

The questionnaire pack is available to download here.

The community based training manual can be downloaded here.

Key contact for Sigma: Catherine Dodds