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HIV Prevention England - Evaluation of local outreach with MSM and African people

Duration: September 2014 - June 2015

HIV Prevention England (HPE) is a national programme of HIV prevention for men that have sex with men (MSM) and African people in England, with an initial contract running for 33 months from 01-07-2012 to 30-03-2015.

Approximately 30% of annual HPE budget of £2,450,000 was invested in HIV health promotion delivered in specific locations across England by 36 Local Delivery Partners (LDPs). The brief community-based intervention commonly known as outreach, which is usually described within the programme as 1-to-1 information and advice, accounts for at least half the investment in local delivery of interventions on behalf of HPE, and accounts for two thirds of all MSM and African people who interact with the programme face-to-face. This research will explore how outreach was planned and implemented across all HPE local delivery partners (LDPs).

Data collection will involve semi-structured interviews with:

  • local engagement co-ordinators responsible for contract management of the outreach delivered locally;
  • the managers of each of the 27 LDPs that undertake outreach as part of HPE;
  • a cross-section of outreach team members in three to four of those local organisations; and
  • observational fieldwork with up to six local organisations, including those included in the team interviews.

This project will consolidate understandings of different approaches to conducting outreach amongst major HIV voluntary sector organisations in England, providing a comprehensive overview of activities undertaken. Best practice from the most successful approaches can be explored and learning shared amongst organisations potentially adding value and building capacity in the sector. This project will also help to demonstrate whether the HIV Prevention England project is providing value for money for the government and which approaches have been most successful for future commissioning. More broadly this research will expand academic understandings of outreach conducted amongst MSM and Africans in the UK, a comparatively under-researched field. Outputs from this project include a report for the sector and two academic articles detailing different approaches to outreach and potential commissioning models.

The project was approved by the Ethics Committee of the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine.

Key contact: Peter Weatherburn

HIV Prevention England is funded by Public Health England and managed by Terrence Higgins Trust.