Sigma Research

Monitoring & evaluation of NAHIP interventions

Duration: April 2009 - June 2012

From 2009 to 2012 we were commissioned by the African Health Policy Network (AHPN) to provide monitoring and evaluation (M&E) services to NAHIP, the National African HIV Prevention programme for England. The programme was funded by the Department of Health, and included 19 community based organisations co-ordinated by AHPN. Our entire NAHIP E&D programme was divided into three main areas of work: strategy & workforce development; basic research to inform future campaigns; and monitoring and evaluation. Here we describe in more detail the monitoring and evaluation element, where we intend to extend a growing body of evaluation data by assessing the reach and the impact of NAHIP interventions.

We aimed to demonstrate that the interventions included in the NAHIP programme were effective and efficient at bringing about their intended aims. Our monitoring and evaluation included both the direct contact interventions delivered by NAHIP partners to Africans in England, and some of the structural interventions targeted at people who have influence over the lives of African people in England.

NAHIP structural interventions
In September 2010 NAHIP organised a one day National African HIV Prevention Conference. All delegates were asked to complete an evaluation form during and at the end of the day, the summary report of which is available here. The evaluation demonstrated that the conference was a success with 92% of delegates saying they would recommend it to other people concerned with HIV and African people.

Throughout 2010 we evaluated the roll-out of training interventions to support the Muslim toolkit developed for NAHIP and launched in 2009. Our evaluation of the training demonstrated it was very welcome and highly accpetable to Muslim faith leaders and other key stakeholders. The final report of the training evaluation shows that 87% of attendees felt that as a result of the training they were more able to carry out HIV and AIDS education in their communities.

NAHIP direct contact interventions
Sigma co-ordinated and collated the monitoring of all NAHIP direct contact interventions. We developed and refined an online reporting system which was available at At the end of each quarter, all data was compiled and feedback to the partnership and its funders, and at the end of each financial year a summary report for the year was published. The NAHIP monitoring reports remain available to download here

Key contact: Gary Hammond