Sigma Research

African HIV Prevention Handbook: putting The Knowledge, The Will and The Power into practice

Duration: September 2008 - September 2010

Sigma Research worked with the National African HIV Prevention (NAHIP) programme partner agencies to devise a planning Handbook to accompany their HIV prevention framework document called The Knowledge, The Will and The Power (KWP). The Handbook specifies a range of interventions that are used to reduce HIV prevention need among African people in England. It also addresses key planning issues and outcomes related to each type of intervention.

NAHIP partner agencies were asked to: undertake an interview with Sigma Research (face-to-face or on the phone) to describe current HIV prevention activities (regardless of who funds them); to attend focus groups to discuss the range of interventions described by all the NAHIP partners; and comment on a full draft of the document.

The Handbook:
1. Describes interventions in a way that helps HIV prevention agencies (from managers all the way to volunteer and outreach staff) to put into practice KWP in their own agencies.
2. Uses clear, unambiguous language to describe interventions in order to improve communication between those commissioning services, those planning and delivering them, and those involved in their evaluation.
3. Describes simple steps to assessing need.
4. Documents and critiques a range of interventions and discuss how they might be best combined.
5. Provides an overview of the evaluation literature regarding intervention efficacy.
6. Describes the competencies and resources required for particular types of HIV prevention intervention.
7. Illustrates all the above using Case Studies of real interventions collected from agencies carrying out HIV prevention with African people in England.

The final Handbook was published in October 2009 and has not been updated since. It remains available here both as a dowload and a paper report, but it will not be re-printed in these formats. During 2010 we have worked on an online version of KWP that integrates the Handbook. The website, called KWP in Practice was first published in September 2010 and includes substantially updated elements of KWP (but the same aims).

This work was commissioned by the African Health Policy Network on behalf of NAHIP, the National African HIV Prevention programme for African people resident in England. NAHIP is funded by the Department of Health.

Key contact: Catherine Dodds