Sigma Research

Lesbian & Bisexual Women’s Health Survey 2007

Duration: March 2007 - June 2008

The Lesbian & Bisexual Women's Health Survey 2007 was conducted by Stonewall and De Montford University with assistance from Sigma Research. The survey was funded by Lloyds TSB Foundation.

The survey used two data collection methods over the summer of 2007: an A5 booklet and online via a specific website.

Method 1: On-line survey
The availability of the survey was promoted via lesbian and bisexual women’s commercial websites and via community websites and email lists.

Method 2: A booklet distributed by research collaborators
The same questionnaire was also designed as a self-sealing, postage-paid, full-colour A5 booklet which was offered to all lesbian and bisexual women's organisations across the United Kingdom. They distributed the survey, or promotional materials for the online version, in their local area.

Over six thousand women told us about their health needs and their experiences in the health sector making this the biggest survey of lesbian health needs in Europe. To be included in the sample respondents had to: be female; be aged 14 or over; be living in the UK; and have had sex with a woman in the last five years and / or have a lesbian, bisexual or other “queer” identity.

The questionnaire used is available to download here.

Proposed outputs: The main report of the survey was published by Stonewall in June 2008. Detailed local data reports, grouping women by their area of residence, are available alongside the national report.

A description of the survey is available at the Stonewall website.

Key contact: Peter Weatherburn