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Research into the housing and related support needs of people with HIV in Nottingham

Duration: July 2005 - January 2006

The Supporting People Team from Nottingham City Council commissioned Sigma Research to undertake an assessment of the housing and related support needs of people with HIV in Nottingham. Our investigation situated housing-related need in the context of wider social care needs. The aim was to assess the need for specialist Supporting People provision for people with HIV and to make recommendations about increasing the capacity of all organisations to meet their housing related support needs. This included an assessment of the feasibility and desirability of a central access point for all services for people with HIV (a ‘one stop shop’).

The research took place in three phases. First, we reviewed existing literature relating to HIV and housing, at national and at local levels where similar studies had occurred in comparable areas. We also examined the broader research and policy literature relating to chronic illness, disability and housing support. In the second phase we undertook 18 face-to-face interviews with key stakeholders who provide services in Nottingham. In the final phase we undertook 20 in-depth face-to-face interviews with people with HIV resident in Nottingham and surrounding areas. All interviews were audio-tape recorded with consent. A reflexive thematic analysis was conducted on full transcripts by two researchers working in collaboration. All people with HIV were offered £20 to cover their time and expenses. These interviews allowed us to map the housing needs and services used by people with HIV across a range of different housing tenures in the Nottingham area, as well as describing their difficulties and obstacles in managing daily life and realising the possibilities of their lives.

The final report includes full details of all findings in the context of a review of pertinent research and policy literature, with a particular focus on similar needs assessments conducted by other local Supporting People teams. It includes recommendations for service development.

The final report was called Supporting People with HIV: research into the housing and related support needs of people with HIV in Nottingham City.

Key contact: Catherine Dodds

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