Sigma Research

Evaluation of CHAPS national interventions

Duration: November 1996 - June 2012

CHAPS was a collaborative programme of HIV health promotion for gay men and bisexual men living in England. It was co-ordinated by Terrence Higgins Trust on behalf of a range of project partners, including Sigma Research, and ran from 1996 to 2012. The CHAPS programme included a national HIV prevention mass media campaign each year, which usually included adverts, leaflets, magazines and other small media. Data from the Gay Men's Sex Survey was used to inform the targets and aims of these interventions and their development was supported by pre-testing with the target audience via focus groups.

After the launch of the interventions, Sigma generated data about their performance. This includes annual coverage surveys where gay men and bisexual men were asked if they recognised the adverts, magazines and leaflets. This data was used to look in greater detail at the targeting of the campaigns. Using data from these surveys, we made recommendations on the most efficient media spend for advertising. In addition, we undertook end-user focus groups in which gay men and bisexual men were asked about their opinions, reactions and responses to the campaigns. This work followed on from the pre-testing groups, and looked at the relevance of the campaigns in situ.

We also evaluated the sector development or facilitation interventions, undertaken within the CHAPS partnership including training events, Symposiums and the annual CHAPS conference.

Three CHAPS summary final evaluation reports are available alongside many of the interim reports of CHAPS evaluation activities on which they are based. Click here for more details.

CHAPS evaluation was funded by Terrence Higgins Trust as part of CHAPS, a national HIV prevention initiative funded by the Department of Health.

Key contact: Ford Hickson

CHAPS national delivery partners:
Terrence Higgins Trust GMFA NAM

CHAPS regional lead agencies:
East of England lead agency: Terrence Higgins Trust East
East Midlands lead agency: TRADE Sexual Health
London lead agencies: The Metro Centre London and Terrence Higgins Trust
North East lead agency: none at present
North West lead agency: The Lesbian and Gay Foundation
South Central lead agency: Terrence Higgins Trust Thames
South East Coast lead agency: Terrence Higgins Trust South
South West lead agencies: The Eddystone Trust and Terrence Higgins Trust West
West Midlands lead agencies: Healthy Gay Living and Terrence Higgins Trust Midlands
Yorkshire & Humber lead agency: Yorkshire MESMAC