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Making it Count - a collaborative planning framework to reduce the incidence of HIV infection during sex between men

Duration: March 1998 - July 2012

The fourth edition of Making it Count is available to download, or order for postal delivery, here. As of March 2012 the Making it Count framework also has its own dedicated website at

First published in 1998, Making it Count is the collaborative planning framework of the CHAPS Partnership, setting out the way in which we approach HIV prevention and education with gay men and bisexual men in England. The MiC framework was updated and expanded in 2000, 2003 and again in 2011. Since 2001 the Department of Health’s National Strategy for Sexual Health and HIV has recommended Making it Count as the strategic framework for planning HIV prevention for gay men, bisexual men and other men that have sex with men, at both national and local levels.

Making it Count has been totally rewritten and fully updated by Sigma Research and all the CHAPS Partners. The fourth edition recognises the range of choices facing men who have sex with men that impact on HIV incidence, and increases the focus on the motivational factors informing the decisions men make. It is a synthesis of an education and empowerment approach with one that employs values and social norms in order to promote the best sex with the least harm among gay and bisexual men.

Making it Count was commissioned by Terrence Higgins Trust as part of CHAPS, a national HIV prevention initiative funded by the Department of Health. It is written and published by Sigma Research.

As part of the CHAPS programme Sigma Research are also working with NAM to update a range of HIV prevention briefings previously known as Sector Summary Reports. Re-branded as Making it Count Briefing Sheets (MiC BS) these summaries are intended to provide a short overview of the evidence base on topics which are important in the context of Making it Count. Briefing Sheets published to date include: the role of fear in HIV prevention campaigns; herpes; LGV; gonorrhoea, chlamydia and non-gonococcal urethritis (NGU); hepatitis C; and social marketing. Forthcoming briefings will address poppers; microbicides; PEP; and undiagnosed HIV infection.

Key contact: Ford Hickson

CHAPS national delivery partners:
Terrence Higgins Trust

CHAPS regional lead agencies:
East of England lead agency: Terrence Higgins Trust East
East Midlands lead agency: Trade Sexual Health
London lead agencies: The Metro Centre London and Terrence Higgins Trust
North East lead agency: none at present
North West lead agency: The Lesbian and Gay Foundation
South Central lead agency: Terrence Higgins Trust Thames
South East Coast lead agency: Terrence Higgins Trust South
South West lead agencies: The Eddystone Trust and Terrence Higgins Trust West
West Midlands lead agencies: Healthy Gay Living and Terrence Higgins Trust Midlands
Yorkshire & Humber lead agency: Yorkshire MESMAC