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Sexual health for all: identifying key obstacles to sexual health for Lesbians, Gay and Bisexual people

Duration: March 2000 - May 2000

This was a short, joint investigation between the National AIDS Trust, The Lesbian and Gay Foundation (formerly Healthy Gay Manchester and Manchester Lesbian & Gay Switchboard) and Sigma Research. It was intended to inform the development of the English National Sexual Health Strategy (prior to its merger with the National HIV Strategy) by the Department of Health. The Department of Health commissioned this research on the sexual health needs of Gay men and Lesbians, and identified access to services and health promotion as two areas of special interest.

A survey was developed to elicit the views of Lesbians, Gay men and Bisexuals on what the forthcoming strategy (a) should be trying to achieve and (b) how to achieve it.

A short, self-completion questionnaire was used (two sides of a single sheet of A4), with a Freepost return facility. The questions covered: demographics; health concerns; obstacles to sexual health; and experiences of sexual health service. Respondents were recruited from Gay and Lesbian community groups, Lesbian & Gay pubs and bookstores in London and Manchester.

Respondents were included if they were 16 years or older and resident in England and either: (i) homosexually active in last five year, and / or (ii) Lesbian, Gay or Bisexual identity. The final sample included 497 women and 417 men. The report to the Department of Health included twenty specific recommendations intended to inform the National Strategy. This report is available to download.

The data concerning Lesbian and Bisexual women is written up in a more readable format in: First, service: relationships, sex and health among Lesbian and Bisexual women.

Download questionnaire (PDF format)

Key contact: Ford Hickson

Collaborating agencies:
The Lesbian and Gay Foundation
The National AIDS Trust

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