Sigma Research

Evidence of HIV-related stigma among African people in the UK

Talk to HIV team at Croydon University Hospital, 3 June 2015

Speakers: Catherine Dodds

This talk was given to the multi-disciplinary staff team in the HIV Department at Croydon University Hospital by invitation. Catherine updated and revised an earlier version of this talk which offers an overview of the research evidence that Sigma has collected about HIV-related stigma affecting Black African people in England, with and without HIV. Catherine collated data from four key Sigma Research studies: Outsider Status, Plus One, African Health and Sex Survey and the Evaluation of F2B Summer Camp for young people with HIV in her presentation. The presentation summarises key findings pertaining to stigma from each of these studies, and concludes with a set of questions which ask participants to consider if we have focussed too much on individual level responses to HIV-related stigma in response to evidence such as this.

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