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Harm reduction and HIV prevention need among gay men in London using GHB/GBL, crystal methamphetamine and mephedrone during sex

XX International AIDS Conference, Melbourne, Australia, July 20-25 2014 (poster).

Speakers: Adam Bourne, David Reid ,Sergio Torres Rueda, Ford Hickson, Peter Weatherburn, Paul Steinberg

Based on a qualitative scoping study completed in 2014, this poster examines changing trends in drug use among gay men in London. The study suggests that changes in the drugs used and the context of their use have not been matched by a re-positioning of harm reduction services to meet emerging needs. Generic drug harm reduction services that have typically catered for opiate users need to take account of both the types of drugs that gay men are using and the unique, sexual setting within which their use occurs. The authors recommend that sexual health services should develop or upscale drug services situated within their clinics and improve linkages to psycho-therapeutic services.

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