Sigma Research

Sexual happiness and implications for sexual health among European MSM

MSM Global Forum Conference, Washington D.C, 21st July 2012

Speakers: Adam Bourne

Drawing on data from the pan-European EMIS study, this talk began by exploring the association between sexual happiness and HIV prevalence among gay and bisexual men living in Europe. It highlighted the inverse nature of their relationship and discussed what the implications of this might be for continuing HIV prevention efforts. Adam then discussed responses to the EMIS question, "What is your idea of the best sex life?", which was answered in English by nearly 13,000 men living in the UK. A detailed account of the themes that emerged was provided and illustrated with quotes and the frequency of themes within the data set. The talk closed by posing several questions about if, why, or how this data might inform the development of interventions to meet the sexual health promotion needs of gay and bisexual men.

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