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Emerging medical technologies & risk management among Africans in HIV sero-discordant relationships

MRC Social & Public Health Sciences Unit, Glasgow, 26th April 2012

Speakers: Adam Bourne

This talk was based on findings from Plus One: an exploration of the needs and experiences of black African people in England who are in sero-discordant relationships. The rationale for the study and its methods were described before a discussion of the findings, focussing on how new medical HIV prevention technologies (Treatment as prevention and Pre-exposure prophylaxis) are perceived or utilised in the context of sero-discordant relationships. In the past year, numerous high-profile individuals have suggested that these new medical prevention technologies may signify the end of the HIV epidemic, but these data indicate that many people in sero-discordant relationships are suspicious of them and are unsure how they might be utilised as part of their sexual lives. Implications for HIV prevention policy and practice were discussed.

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