Sigma Research

England’s National African HIV prevention programme: insights and challenges

Optimizing HIV prevention in African, Caribbean & Black communities, Toronto, Canada, 19th March 2012 (Comm Forum)

Speakers: Catherine Dodds

This was the keynote address for a community forum held in Toronto, Canada. The aim of the day was for stakeholders to consider available evidence of HIV prevention need and emerging issues for African, Caribbean and Black populations in Toronto. The event was co-hosted by the Social Research Centre in HIV Prevention and Women's Health in Women's Hands. In her talk, Catherine offered the audience in Toronto an overview of the key contextual issues that influence HIV prevention need among African people in England, as well as the policy matters affecting service planning for this population. She then went on to describe the key structural features of the National African HIV Prevention Programme (NAHIP), as well spending some time discussing Sigma Research's research and development role within NAHIP. The talk concluded with some key pieces of research that have recently been undertaken in support of the national programme. It was intended to give the audience a sense of some of the similarities and contrasts between the situation in England, and the experience of African, Caribbean and Black populations with regard to HIV in Toronto and the rest of Canada.

Slide set and notes.