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Perceptions of superinfection risk among gay men with HIV who have unprotected anal intercourse

XVIII International AIDS Conference, Vienna, 22nd July 2010 (Poster).

Speakers: Adam Bourne, Catherine Dodds, Peter Weatherburn, Peter Keogh

This poster provided an overview of perceptions and responses to HIV superinfection.from the our Relative safety II qualitative study of gay men with diagnosed HIV who engage in unprotected anal intercourse (UAI). The poster demonstrates that men's perceptions of, and responses to, HIV superinfection were diverse and depended on their information sources, their individual sexual behaviour, and how they regarded superinfection relative to other concerns. We suggest that clinicians and HIV support agencies need to find some consensus about how they discuss superinfection with people with diagnosed HIV to minimise contradictory information provision. The suthors suggest advice from clinicians and HIV support agencies should honestly convey the continuing scientific uncertainty about superinfection in a manner that allows people with diagnosed HIV to make informed choices about whether to use condoms with other diagnosed positive people given their other, diverse, sexual needs.

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