Sigma Research

A framework for planning and implementing HIV prevention interventions for African people in England

XVIII International AIDS Conference, Vienna, 22nd July 2010 (Poster).

Speakers: Catherine Dodds, Ford Hickson, Martha Chinouya, Jabulani Chwaula, John Owuor, Kolade Daodu, Edna Soomre, Peter Weatherburn

England's Department of Health funds the National African HIV Prevention (NAHIP) Programme, made up of community-based organisations jointly devising and delivering targeted HIV prevention interventions for Black African people in England. Sigma Research worked with the NAHIP programme partners to devise an HIV prevention framework called The Knowledge, The Will and The Power (KWP) and an accompanying Handbook that specifies a range of interventions that are used to reduce HIV prevention need among African people in England. This Poster describes the process of consensus building, the two key outputs and the benefits of a shared vision.

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