Sigma Research

Perceptions of risk reduction strategies by gay men with HIV.

XVIII International AIDS Conference, Vienna, 19th July 2010.

Speakers: Adam Bourne, Catherine Dodds, Peter Keogh & Peter Weatherburn

This short talk provided an overview of key findings from the our Relative safety II qualitative study. It described the key strategies that can be used by men with diagnosed HIV to manage unprotected anal intercourse (UAI). It considered the full range of risk (harm) reduction strategies (using condoms; sero-concordant sex; avoiding being the insertive partner; avoiding ejaculation inside a partner; considering how infectious you might be to your partner and PEP) but suggested most men were averse to managing risk using such imperfect strategies. The talk described how diagnosed positive men aspired to alway use a condom for anal intercourse, and only considered these risk reduction strategies as an explanation, after the event. The authors suggested the need to provide spaces for men to evaluate their sexual behaviour and manage future risk proactively.

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