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Surveys and data sources on gay men’s lifestyles and socio-sexual behavior: some key concerns and issues

Sexuality & Culture, 2009, 13(3):135–151 (doi:10.1007/s12119-009-9051-4).

Authors: Samuel Cameron, Alan Collins, Stephen Drinkwater, Ford Hickson, David Reid, Jennifer Roberts, Michael Stephens, Peter Weatherburn


This paper explores and reflects upon the body of relevant social science data sources containing insights into gay male socio-sexual lifestyles. Considerable deficiencies seem to feature in this regard with respect to coverage, consistency, content and usability. The various reasons for collecting data on gay male lifestyles are considered and thought given as to some particular strengths and weaknesses. Examples of datasets and surveys are used in this light to potentially inform future developments and a critical perspective on their usage.


Gay men, data sources, lifestyles, policy, sexuality

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