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The needs of people with HIV in the UK: findings from a national survey

International Journal of STDs & AIDS, 2004, 15(12):793-796 (doi:10.1258/0956462042563602).

Authors: Will J Anderson, Peter Weatherburn


The aim of this study was to describe the needs of people living with HIV in the UK. A questionnaire addressing 17 areas of need was completed by 1821 people living with HIV in the UK. The core need indicator was a personal assessment of happiness with current state. A quarter of all respondents were happy with their current state across all needs. For each need, the following proportions were unhappy with their current state: sex, 40%; anxiety/depression, 33%; sleep, 32%; self-confidence, 32%; money, 28%; household chores and self-care, 18%; housing, 18%; appetite, eating and drinking, 17%; friendships, 17%; discrimination, 16%; mobility, 15%; dealing with health professionals, 15%; relationships, 14%; drugs and alcohol, 9%; taking treatments regularly, 5%; HIV treatment knowledge, 4%; looking after children, 2%. Although some people with HIV are coping well with minimal unmet need, the overall picture of need is dominated by personal, social and economic issues.


HIV, AIDS, HIV seropositivity, needs assessment, service planning

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