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Sexual HIV risk behaviour among men who have sex with both men and women

AIDS Care, 1998, 10(4): 463-471.

Authors: P Weatherburn, FCI Hickson, DS Reid, PM Davies, A Crosier


To describe the sexual behaviour of men who had sex with both men and women in the preceding five years (behaviourally bisexual men), specifically to examine their needs in relation to HIV prevention. Anonymous telephone interviews were carried out with respondents recruited though advertisements in U.K. newspapers and magazines with (sexual) 'personal' or 'contact' sections. Data is reported from 745 respondents. Respondents report relatively high and approximately equal numbers of male and female sexual partners in the year preceding interview. There is a clear patterning of sexual activity by type of partner (regular or casual). A high proportion report anal intercourse with female and male partners. A third disclose their homosexual practices to regular female partners. Although self-reported HIV sero- prevalence is low (less than 1%) the levels of unprotected sex with multiple sexual partners indicate substantial potential for transmission of sexually transmitted infections, including HIV. While low sero- prevalence suggests that there is little overlap with existing core groups of HIV infection, the study provides information to judge the priority of targeting HIV prevention initiatives and suggests ways in which initiatives could be undertaken.

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