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Gay men as victims of non-consensual sex

Archives of Sexual Behaviour, 1994, 23(3): 281-284.

Authors: FCI Hickson, PM Davies, AJ Hunt, P Weatherburn, TJ McManus, APM Coxon


Incidents of non-consensual sexual activity among 930 homosexually active men living in England and Wales are analysed. Of these men, 27.6% said they had been sexually assaulted or had sex against their will at some point in their lives; one third had been forced into sexual activity (usually anal intercourse) by men with whom they had previously had, or were currently having, consensual sexual activity. The contention that male rape is usually committed by heterosexually identified men, primarily as an expression of power and control, is not supported. Recognition that gay men rape other gay men is needed, both by the gay community and support services for victims.


Sexual assault; male rape; gay men; sexual behaviour.

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