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Condom use in a large cohort of homosexually active men in England and Wales

AIDS Care, 1991, 3(1): 31-41.

Authors: P Weatherburn, AJ Hunt, PM Davies, APM Coxon, TJ McManus


As part of a prospective study of the seroprevalence of HIV, a cohort of 930 men were interviewed regarding their condom use. Of the 270 respondents that engaged in insertive anal intercourse in the month preceding interview 38.9% always used a condom, 49.6% never used one, and 11.5% sometimes used one. Of the 254 respondents that engaged in receptive anal intercourse in the same time period 42.5% always used a condom, 45.7% never used one, and 11.8% sometimes used one. Compared to other research the proportion of respondents who always use a condom for anal intercourse is relatively high, though use is by no means universal. Condom use is more widespread and consistent with casual rather than regular sexual partners, and it is significantly more common within open rather than monogamous relationships. Out of a wide range of other factors only geographical location (London against outside), marital status, perceived HIV status, number of sexual partners, and how seriously respondents take safer sex are correlated with condom use.

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