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Catherine Dodds

Honorary Assistant Professor


Dr. Catherine Dodds is a Senior Lecturer in Health and Social Policy at the University of Glasgow and an honorary Assistant Professor at Sigma Research. at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine. She has been undertaking research in the field of HIV prevention for over 15 years and specialises in tailor-made research dissemination for diverse audiences. Her doctoral research explored communication of notions of responsibility through prevention policies. She has extensive qualitative research experience into the interaction between social inequality and HIV prevention need among homosexually active men and among African migrants to the UK. Catherine has led on the development of key policy and planning frameworks The Knowledge, The Will and The Power (2008) and the African HIV prevention Handbook (2009) for the National African HIV Prevention (NAHIP) programme, and she led Bass Line 2007, a national HIV prevention needs assessment of Africans in England. She has undertaken research and evaluation for a range of funders including Local Authorities, NHS commissioners and third sector HIV services. Catherine is also recognised internationally for her expertise in relation to criminal prosecutions for HIV transmission.

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